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Wellness incorporates so many aspects. Tan Temptations not offers you a glowing tan, it provides wellness therapy in advanced forms.

Infrared Sauna

Our CLEARLIGHT Sanctuary 2 has some pretty amazing features ✨
✅ Medical Grade
✅ Fits 2 people
✅ Turn your sauna session into a salt cave by adding in salt therapy (Haloone)
✅ Chromotherapy (Light) therapy option
✅ Full spectrum Infrared
✅ Bluetooth ~ so you can listen to or watch whatever you like while in the sauna ~ your favourite podcast, relaxing music, or Netflix series 😋
And of course complimentary towel and water to hydrate 🫶🏻

Red Light Therapy

We are excited to share RED LIGHT THERAPY with you ♥️. The benefits of RED LIGHT THERAPY are endless.
✅ Better sleep
✅ Reduces Inflammation
✅ Increases Energy
✅ Increases Collagen Production (Anti-Aging)
✅ Boosts Immune System
✅ Improves Mood
✅ Helps with Muscle and Joint Pain
✅ Aids with Wound Healing
Great for all ages!  You can use Red Light Therapy every day!

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