Would Outdoor Lotions and Oils Cause Any Problems When Used in a Tanning Bed?

Yes. Outdoor products are formulated differently from indoor products and they produce better results when used correctly. If you apply outdoor lotions and oils when using a tanning bed, the tanning bed acrylic gets damaged and there is a chance that it can crack while you are in the bed!

Can I Shower After Tanning?

For optimum results, it is recommended that you wait at least 4 hours after tanning to take a shower.


I Thought Vitamin D Only Came From Natural Sunlight?

No. The ultraviolet rays produced in tanning beds supply you with UV-B rays which are responsible for the development of Vitamin D. Indoor tanning is an excellent source of Vitamin D during months where outdoor exposure to natural sunlight is not available. Between 10,000 and 20,000 IUs of vitamin D are produced in a single tanning session!

What is the Difference Between UVA and UVB Rays?

UV-A rays are the most gentle and safest of the suns rays. They are responsible for completing your tan by turning the melanin in your skin a golden brown. UV-B rays are responsible for the tanning process by triggering the skin to release melanin, as well; UV-B rays supply your body with Vitamin D, an integral part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


What Are The Causes of White Spots?

White spots have several causes. Some are listed below:

Vitiligo is irregularly-shaped white patches of skin that dont tan. It is caused by a condition that causes melanocyte cells in the affected area to degenerate and die off. Your physician can help reverse the effects of vitiligo.

Tinea Versicolor, or sunspots is dandruff-like fungus that flakes off the scalp onto the upper body. This condition is very common and has nothing to do with cleanliness. Extra-strength dandruff shampoo is often used to treat it.

Pressure Points are seen on skin surfaces that contact the equipment, such as shoulder blades, the backs of calves or upper arms. To avoid this, shift your position carefully during the session so that all skin receives oxygen.


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