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Our Beds


  • 10 minute maximum exposure time

  • 48 dynamic power 200-watt uv lamps, 4 ultra performance 500-watt facial tanners and high-pressure shoulder tanners

  • Temptronic and climate control system

  • Aqua mist & aroma for refreshing relaxation

  • Innovative cockpit control with large illuminated symbols3D-Sound system with MP3 player dock-in for individual music enjoyment 



  • 15 Minute Maximum Exposure Time

  • 20 High-Pressure Units with Shark Technology at 520 Watts Each in the Canopy

  • Vertical Spaghetti Lamp Shoulder Tanner incl. Stereo Sound

  • Full Air Conditioning

  • Soft-touch Control Panel with LED Display 

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  • Unbelievable wide-bodied medium pressure

  • 12 minute maximum exposure time

  • 46-160 Watt reflector lamps6-500 watt facial lamps, for a great tan in only 12 minutes! Give it a try! 


Sundome Stand-Up

  • Our stand-up is perfect for evening out those tan lines and getting the darkest tan!

  • 12 minute maximum exposure time

  • 48 160-Watt reflector body lamps

  • Unique design and shape to put you at the center of tanning intensity


Medium Bed

  • Our medium bed is perfect for beginner tanners who are building a base tan or those who want to maintain their tans.

  • 20 minute maximum exposure time

  • 32 100-watt body lamps

  • Variable speed full body cooling system

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